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Priestess Kore

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My name is Kore-Jade, the creatrix, and visionary of the magical self-care blog 'Priestess Kore.'

Priestess Kore has one mission, and one mission only, to share the love, beauty, and light of the Grecian Goddess Kore/Persephone in all of her mysteries. These virtual pages are dedicated to sharing the gift of joy that Persephone has brought to my life as her Priestess and as a Sister of Avalon.

All of my work is dedicated to her, as I explore the path of Priestessing, the divine feminine, feminism, tarot reading, blogging and more she is the 'Kore' of it all. As one of the youngest Sisters of Avalon in Glastonbury U.K., I am blessed to conjoin the sacred ancient paths with the expansive nature of the new. 

This site, in essence, is an expansion of my journey as a Priestess, as I awaken to the bounty of the Goddess, my words, videos, and services are an autobiography in power. ​I am proudly Pagan, Feminist and put self-love and care at the centre of everything I do, so join me as I traverse the path to spiritual awakening. 


This website is 100% advertisement free, this is a safe space for people to be without patriarchal paradigms so if you enjoy an offering please feel free to leave a tip on one of my 'donation' buttons, this allows me to keep this site up and running without advertisements. 

So please, check out my blog, my YouTube channel and my social media for a myriad of wisdom, creativity and a whole heap of self-love.


OR... spend 1:1 time with me in rituals, ceremonies, meditation, and readings to deepen your own mysteries, traverse the thresholds of the Underworld and meet yourself face to face. Take a look at my 'Services Page' to book a session online, or email priestesskore@gmail.com if you would like to meet in person in Glastonbury. 

Blessed Be your way...




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