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Spreading the Three Seeds of Persephone


As a dedicated Sister of Avalon and Self-Dedicated Priestess of Persephone, I vow to give you reliable information, to use this blog to entertain, to educate and to share her love and power. 

I am here to serve her in all ways that I am called to and all of the services offered and information provided is for the betterment of the divine feminine. I am fiercely Intersectionally feminist, pro LGBTQIA+ and proudly pagan and as a Priestess, I will not tolerate hate on any of my pages, my sites are a safe space for those who are hoping to find her and they will always be held as such. 


As a poet, I offer my truth and share the wisdom of the Goddess. Every piece that I write is  dedicated to the Goddess and those who wish to break through the paradigm of the patriarchy.  

My work can be raw and emotional, I will always offer a 'Trigger Warning' as the wellbeing of my readers is my number one priority. 

Please check out my YouTube channel for weekly poetry posted every Sunday. (YouTube channel coming soon)

Tarot Reader

I offer many services, but I am called to be a Tarot Reader the most. All Tarot Readings you receive from me are dedicated to the Goddess and include a Priestess prayer before and after the service. 

My job is to help you to traverse through the underworld and to hold space for you in the reading. 

Please check out my services page to book a reading or contact me personally at priestesskore@gmail.com for group readings or out of hours bookings.